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About Us

Program Philosophy
GRP is dedicated to the development of competitive youth basketball in our communities. We are deeply passionate about developing our youth players on and off the court.
  • Playing the right way: playing fairly, playing hard, doing your best.
  • Telling the truth and being honest is more important than anything, including basketball.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions.
  • Helping others – we are here to develop each individual, but also each other.
  • Having a Positive Attitude
  • Teamwork

Core Values
We believe the promotion and enhancement of learning and personal development is the primary purpose of athletics. This learning and development includes the development of intellectual, emotional, social, physical and ethical capacities. 

The core values are instrumental for lifelong success and helping our athletes become responsible citizens. We want to prepare our kids for the real world. Anything that can be done to improve the character of our players and team increases our chances for success. The following core values will be taught and addressed in all that we do:


Core Principles
Foster Work Ethic: Each player owes it to the other players to practice and compete as hard as he/she can. Every player and coach has a job to do.

Team Concept: A team whose players come to understand that they are part of something more important and bigger than their individual considerations, and become unselfish in their thinking, will achieve more and will obtain more satisfaction from the overall experience.
Winning Effort: Our focus is that each player is having fun and giving a "winning effort.”  If each individual plays and competes as hard as he/she can, then the winning and losing is less worrisome. There is no shame in losing to a better opponent if you have played as hard as you can. Winning effort also goes back to work ethic and competing as hard as you can in practice every day.

Measuring Success: Yes, it’s fun to win, but the reality is we will also have our share of losses. Success will be measured by the fun our team and individual players had, and how well they learned, developed, improved, and matured to become better players, students and citizens.
Style of Play/Belief in the System: The style of play will vary based on the leagues or tournaments that we play in. Flexibility is key, but belief in the system, the program and the team will be keys to our success on and off the court.


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